HR and payroll services

HR and payroll services

HR and payroll processes play a very important role in the workplace. Although more and more procedures are being replaced by modern technologies, people and their skills very often constitute the most valuable assets of the company. Since the provisions of applicable law offer employers many possibilities with regard to work duties, the form of employment should be analysed individually in the case of every workplace.

As part of HR and payroll services in Poland we offer support in:

  • calculation of remuneration and preparing payroll for employees,
  • preparing and settlement of mandate contracts and contracts for specific work,
  • keeping remuneration records, maintenance of personal files of employees,
  • registering employees in Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),
  • preparing and submitting ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) and PIT statements for registering and settlement purposes,
  • preparing employees’ annual returns,
  • preparing personnel and payroll documentation, maintaining and updating personnel documentation,
  • issuing employment and earnings certificates.

Full payroll support in Poland

CGO Finance supports customers throughout the whole employment process – starting from integrating a new employee into all the necessary registers and databases, through settling remuneration and holiday leaves, to completing all the formalities connected with the termination of the employment. 

Our services include taking over the responsibilities connected with the administration of personnel records and payroll calculations. Our HR and payroll services are addressed to companies that hire people both on the basis of contracts of employment and civil law contracts.

Many years of experience as well as practical knowledge regarding employment law and social insurance, make the services of our company adaptable to the needs and expectations of every businessman. We use tried and trusted accounting software. At the customers’ request, we may operate remotely on their tools used for accounting as well as HR and payroll procedures.

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